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Around Indy: Culinary Collage

At Pure Geekery, we tend to focus on the purely fun aspects of Indianapolis life. Places like bookstores, gaming cafes, and museums. But it’s important to focus on those working to make Indianapolis a better place as well, which is where Fletcher Place Community Center comes in. Fletcher Place is a faith-based


Be a Tourist.

One of my major pet peeves is when people act like Indianapolis has nothing to offer. Implying it’s just a boring city in the middle of a corn field (which hello, fresh food). The statement usually comes after someone has come back from vacationing in another city. Statements like “Portland is so


Indianapolis Literary Pub Crawl

Maybe it’s just me, but drinking and reading seem to go really well together. Whiskey with Hemingway and Twain. Merlot with Anne Rice. Craft beer with Hornsby. And now the Indianapolis Literary pub crawl, benefiting Indy Reads. After learning about the Chicago Librarian Pub Crawl, but never being able to attend, Erin


My First Gen Con

Although I’ve grown up in Indianapolis, this weekend was my first Gen Con. There always seemed to be something going on Gen Con weekend, or I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. The stars finally aligned this year and I was finally able to make it to the convention for the


Flagon Slayer Tapping Party: Where You Get Punished for Drinking Beer

Wednesday evening, I headed downtown after work for Sun King’s Flagon Slayer: Official Beer of Gen Con Tapping Party. I’ve always enjoyed Sun King, and Flagon Slayer was quite delicious, being a beer/mead hybrid made sweet with cherries and Indiana honey. The event itself left a little to be desired though. 5


Scotty’s Brewhouse + Gen Con

Cons provide a unique experience for geeks like me- everything I love in one place including endless hours of games, shopping, panels, and photo ops (and don’t forget the accepted ability to dress up like it’s Halloween for days on end). However the one thing cons lack s good food. I can’t


Around Indy: Cards Against Humanity with Girls Pint Out

I have to admit, I was nervous when I got the Facebook invite from Girls Pint Out, an all female craft beer appreciation group,  to play Cards Against Humanity at New Day Meadery in Fountain Square. I love Cards Against Humanity as much as the next awful person, but playing in public?


Backyard Toursim: Indianapolis Food

I love to eat. I can eat anywhere, anytime and I do. And despite what Parks & Recreation thinks, there’s more good, local food in Indianapolis than just St. Elmo’s. Here are a few of my favourite places- I’ve decided to leave off my likes and dislikes so you can check them