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Around Indy: Record Store Day

A couple of Saturdays ago I went to my first Record Store Day. It was hard to plan for an event which I had never been to, and Googling wasn’t much help. So I decided the smart plan would be to head down at store opening (8:00am, which is really early on


Around Indy: Culinary Collage

At Pure Geekery, we tend to focus on the purely fun aspects of Indianapolis life. Places like bookstores, gaming cafes, and museums. But it’s important to focus on those working to make Indianapolis a better place as well, which is where Fletcher Place Community Center comes in. Fletcher Place is a faith-based


Around Indy: Game Paradise

Yesterday (April 5) was the second annual International Tabletop Day, a day designated to celebrate analog gaming. I spent the day at Game Paradise in Fountain Square celebrating Frank from QuantumFit’s birthday. Game Paradise has been on my list of places to go for a while now so I was happy to


First Impression: Books & Brews

Books & Brews is a new concept in the Indy area, it’s a used bookstore and nanobrewery combined. The front half of the store is a bookstore, and the brewery is in the back. I headed over there with Tamre from Tiny Table to see how the concept played out. I wasn’t


Indy PopCon Prepares for Large Crowds

This past weekend was the first Indiana ComicCon, and if social media is any indication, there were several unhappy con attendees. Most of the complaints centered around overcrowding, long lines, and a lack of volunteers. While Pure Geekery didn’t attend ComicCon (you can read all about our guest blogger’s experience though), we


A Friday at Indiana ComicCon

I truly enjoy walking through the Indiana Convention Center on a bright March afternoon and seeing Thor, Wolverine, a smattering of various Time Lords, and a Stormtrooper or two. No, really, I do. I took last Friday off to attend the first-ever Indiana ComicCon. While I didn’t expect the pageantry of San


Event: Come Skate With Us!

Justin from Horrible Night and I have been talking about doing a “Geeks Night Out” for a little while now. But then I decided to sell my house and everything else got put on the back burner for the time being. Now that life has settled down a bit, we’re making it


QuantumFit: Building Functional Fitness

I am, admittedly, a skeptic of CrossFit style workouts. I know they’re the latest workout trend, and derby girls love it, but I just haven’t gotten on board. I’ve seen the CrossFitters on the Monon (a rail trail here in Indy), getting yelled at and stopping to do pushups and it just


#Read26Indy: Challenging a City to Read & Talk About It

This morning an interesting story popped up in my Google+ news feed. Indianapolis Star Reporter¬†Michael Anthony Adams is challenging the citizens of Indianapolis to read 26 books in 2014. Which in itself is an admirable goal. But Adams takes it one step further. He wants us to talk about what we’re reading


Interview: Indy PopCon

This is the last week for the Indy PopCon Kickstarter! As I wrote last week, we’re really excited for this addition to the Indianapolis convention schedule. ¬†I spoke with Shawn Smith, communications director, to get an insider’s perspective on PopCon. 1) What exactly is Indy PopCon? With all the different conventions in