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Indy PopCon: Fund Their Kickstarter

Indianapolis is a convention city. It seems in the spring/summer there is a convention every weekend, whether it be a professional or fan convention. And even as far as fan conventions go, we have several throughout the year. There’s Starbase Indy, InConJunction, and of course Gen Con. Next year we’re getting another


Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace

Taking a break from house shopping to do some actual shopping! This past weekend was the kickoff of the winter season for the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace at The Fountains in Carmel. The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is a vintage/retro/craft show that is held nearly every month in either Carmel


Be a Tourist.

One of my major pet peeves is when people act like Indianapolis has nothing to offer. Implying it’s just a boring city in the middle of a corn field (which hello, fresh food). The statement usually comes after someone has come back from vacationing in another city. Statements like “Portland is so


Hey. You Park Like an Assole.

In general, I try to be really positive and give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to keep my road rage in check. I do what a previous yoga teacher told me, and if I have to yell at a driver I yell “I HOPE YOU GET WHERE YOU’RE GOING


5 on Friday: 5 Pumpkin Beers

On Sunday we will officially hit the first day of fall, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to pumpkin ALL the things, including beer. This past Wednesday I went to Queen of the Pumpkin Ales at Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub, hosted by Girls’ Pint Out, and tried four varieties


Indianapolis Literary Pub Crawl

Maybe it’s just me, but drinking and reading seem to go really well together. Whiskey with Hemingway and Twain. Merlot with Anne Rice. Craft beer with Hornsby. And now the Indianapolis Literary pub crawl, benefiting Indy Reads. After learning about the Chicago Librarian Pub Crawl, but never being able to attend, Erin


5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Experience Gen Con Without Buying a Badge

Going to conventions is expensive (speaking of which have you checked out our Spreadshirt and Amazon shops?). There’s the badge to get in itself than can range from anywhere from extremely rare free (Who’s Yer Con) to the reasonable $25 or so (Cincinnati Comic Expo) to the pricey $80+ (Gen Con). Then you


The Doubleclicks at Gen Con

Gen Con was my first true experience hearing the music of The Doubleclicks. Sure I had heard “Clever Girl” before and (because I realize the internet exists) “Nothing to Prove.” So when a friend told me they were playing a show on Saturday I knew I had to make it over there


Press Release: Gen Con Indy 2013 Continues Record-Breaking Growth

INDIANAPOLIS (August 20, 2013) Gen Con Indy 2013, completed August 15-18 at the Indiana Convention Center, experienced record attendance numbers and unprecedented growth. Weekend turnstile attendance of 159,364 and unique attendance of 49,058, grew the convention 20% from 2012’s record-setting 41,000+ unique attendees. These metrics show continued growth of more than 75%


My First Gen Con

Although I’ve grown up in Indianapolis, this weekend was my first Gen Con. There always seemed to be something going on Gen Con weekend, or I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. The stars finally aligned this year and I was finally able to make it to the convention for the