Hey. You Park Like an Assole.

Hey Card for not pulling into a spot completely.

This is a well deserved Hey Card.
Photo Credit: Hey Cards

In general, I try to be really positive and give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to keep my road rage in check. I do what a previous yoga teacher told me, and if I have to yell at a driver I yell “I HOPE YOU GET WHERE YOU’RE GOING SAFELY” (Claire got a kick out it the first time she heard me do it).

I do, however, get parking lot rage. Because while I can excuse bad driving by giving someone the benefit of the doubt (maybe they really have to pee, and that’s why they’re tailgating me). I can’t really do that in parking lots. Did you really need to get a StarbucksĀ that badly that you couldn’t bother to pull your car into it’s spot? Do you really think your Prius deserves two spots? Did you have to park on the curb so you didn’t have to walk further to get to the gym? Sorry, your just an asshole.

That’s where Hey Cards come in. They’re cards you place on a vehicle when you see someone who has discarded the rules of civilized society to do what serves them best. And make sure you snap a picture and submit it to the Hey Cards tumblr.

You can order your own set of Hey Cards for $3.50. Each packet contains a random 20 cards. And we have a pack to giveaway this week! Enter to win by leaving us a comment about the worst example of parking you’ve ever seen.

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