Indy PopCon: Fund Their Kickstarter

Indianapolis is a convention city. It seems in the spring/summer there is a convention every weekend, whether it be a professional or fan convention. And even as far as fan conventions go, we have several throughout the year. There’s Starbase Indy, InConJunction, and of course Gen Con. Next year we’re getting another convention, Indy PopCon.

Fandoms of Indy PopCon

The many fandoms of Indy PopCon.

Indy PopCon is a celebration of all fandoms. And when I say all fandoms, I mean all fandoms, not just the typical sci-fi and horror type of fandoms. Indy PopCon celebrates the fandoms of the internet and art/music as well. We love this idea here at Pure Geekery, because we believe you can be a geek of anything. You can be an eco geek, music geek, car geek, or sports geek. We love you all. So having a convention in Indianapolis that celebrates this inclusivity, while geek culture is getting more divided, is really exciting to us. Plus, they’re featuring independents who create their own content as well, another aspect close to our hearts.

Putting together a convention like Indy PopCon isn’t easy, or cheap. There are guests to book, space to reserve, awesomeness to make. To do all of this, the Indy PopCon founders need your help. They’ve started a Kickstarter to help fund their ambitious plan. And of course, since it’s Kickstarter there are prizes for helping out. You can get everything from bracelets, to t-shirts, art prints, tickets to the con, and even art classes. Seriously, if you’re planning on going anyway you can get your tickets cheaper this way and help them get some cash to get things rolling.

Indy PopCon has already sponsored giveaways and have held a public forum. They’re serious about getting Indy a convention for everyone. So let’s help them reach their goal of a bigger, better, geekier convention in our own backyard. Head over to their Kickstarter, and make sure to follow them on twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Google+, and YouTube to keep up with all the latest news. Next year should be exciting.

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