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Indy Pop Con Has a Solid First Year

You’ve heard about Claire’s Pop Con experience, and Ryan’s first ever con experience at Pop Con. So you know mine had to be coming up next. Some of you know, conventions aren’t exactly my thing. Nothing against cons themselves, it’s just….that’s a lot of people. I enjoy the Louisville Arcade Expo because it’s basically going


Claire’s #IndyPopCon Overview: The good and the bad

It’s my birthday! And I cut my hand with a pairing knife trying to pit an avocado, so I’m typing this whole thing with one hand. I really know how to celebrate! Anyway, as you all probably notice, Pure Geekery spent the weekend at the first #IndyPopCon. While smaller than what I


Interview: Indy PopCon

This is the last week for the Indy PopCon Kickstarter! As I wrote last week, we’re really excited for this addition to the Indianapolis convention schedule.  I spoke with Shawn Smith, communications director, to get an insider’s perspective on PopCon. 1) What exactly is Indy PopCon? With all the different conventions in


Indy PopCon: Fund Their Kickstarter

Indianapolis is a convention city. It seems in the spring/summer there is a convention every weekend, whether it be a professional or fan convention. And even as far as fan conventions go, we have several throughout the year. There’s Starbase Indy, InConJunction, and of course Gen Con. Next year we’re getting another