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Indie_Arts_Vintage_MarketplaceTaking a break from house shopping to do some actual shopping! This past weekend was the kickoff of the winter season for the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace at The Fountains in Carmel.

The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is a vintage/retro/craft show that is held nearly every month in either Carmel (during the Winter) or Glendale (during the summer). The show features several local dealers, as well as dealers from nearby cities such as Cincinnati. This month the marketplace was split between two days, Friday (11/1) and Saturday (11/2). I attended both days to see what the event was all about.

The Vibe

On Friday there was a “cocktail kickoff,” which I thought was a really cool idea. You could walk around with a drink and browse the wares the vendors had brought. Since Halloween was postponed for most of the Indianapolis area due to storms, most of the vendors had candy out for kids to trick-or-treat at their booth. Saturday was similar, minus the cocktails. However, you could get coffee or pastries which was nice.

The Goods

The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace doesn’t specialize too much (well, everything does have a sort of hipster vibe I suppose). But there were some certain trends in the goods offered. Of course, you can check out the full gallery of photos on Flickr.

  • Local – Some of the bigger names in local goods were there. Get Flasky and United State of Indiana both had booths. I’d love to see more local companies here however. It seems like a good opportunity to be introduced to more customers. BrickShirtHouse, PUP, you both should probably be here.
  • Crafty –  There were lots of crafty booths here. Typewriter necklaces, bracelets, game piece jewelry, basically if its popular on etsy someone was selling it here.
  • Retro/Vintage – Which is of course the name we give to stuff that’s antiques that doesn’t remind us of the things our parents like. This was a majority of the items sold. Lots of cool mid-century finds, although I’m waiting to buy authentic pieces until I’ve educated myself a bit more.


 More Info

The Indie Arts & Vintage Market is a fun time, and unlike going to someone’s booth, you can actually talk to the person selling the items. I’ll  be heading back. The next marketplace is on November 30th from 9-5 at the Fountains in Carmel. Make sure to follow the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace on Facebook to keep up with all the events.

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