The Doubleclicks at Gen Con

The Doubleclicks at Gen Con.

The Doubleclicks play at Gen Con.

Gen Con was my first true experience hearing the music of The Doubleclicks. Sure I had heard “Clever Girl” before and (because I realize the internet exists) “Nothing to Prove.” So when a friend told me they were playing a show on Saturday I knew I had to make it over there to see what they were all about.

By the time I arrived (about twenty minutes beforehand), there was a pretty good sized crowd beginning to form outside of the conference room where The Doubleclicks were scheduled to play. Considering they were playing an afternoon show during the same timeslot as the big Gen Con tweetup, that’s saying something. The crowd was everyone from the “hey these girls have some pretty funny songs, I should see what they’re about” like myself, to the six year old standing next to me who must have been the biggest Doubleclicks fan. She kept talking about the songs she hoped they would play and talking about her favorites. It was adorable (and I’m not the biggest fan of kids so that’s saying something).

Doubleclicks merch

Geek girls come up with the cutest merch.

The show itself was amazing. First of all, the Doubleclicks sounded awesome which can’t be easy to do in a conference room that wasn’t designed with live music in mind. I did love that the conference room gave the show a more intimate vibe though. Throughout the show, The Doubleclicks were funny and candid, telling stories about their songs as they played. They called out for audience participation. It was just fun. So much fun in fact, they ended up extending their show. Check out a clip of “Nothing to Prove” from the show.

I’m a sucker for becoming a bigger fan of a band if they put on an awesome live show, and that was definitely the case here. Keep an eye on their upcoming shows page to see if they’re coming your way soon, or request that they stop by. Buy their album on Bandcamp, and check out their awesome “No fake geeks/Only real jerks” shirts that are raising money forĀ AppCamp4Girls.


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