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DC Just Hit Self-Destruct

I’ve been thinking about this for week. Trying to be calm, taking deep breaths- the experts know best right? There’s always some piece of information the general populace doesn’t have, right? Wrong. SERIOUSLY DC?! SERIOUSLY?! Ben Affleck?!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me- have you even SEEN Daredveil? Are you TRYING


You’re killin’ me DC.

I have always been a bigger DC fan than Marvel. I spent my evenings and days home sick with Adam West, Burt Ward, Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher (who was pretty awesome pre-Desperate Housewives). Past comic books, watching Batman and Lois and Clark were my first windows into the fabulousness that is


Around Indy: Free Comic Book Day

Comic books are one of the (several) things I’ve always found interesting but have never gotten really into. I’ve read some Atomic Robo (which I really enjoy) and some of the Doctor Who comics (which I didn’t get into as much). There’s just so much out there though, that it’s hard to


May the 4th be with you!

I first saw Star Wars when I was 8 years old. My friend Molly and I sat awestruck in front of the screen for 3 nights, absorbed in sci-fi awesomeness. I had always been a bit of a nerdy child, running around with a headband over my eyes while my mom watched


Movie Review: Iron Man 3

I have a long-standing love affair with midnight openings. The anticipation, crazy costumes, and standing in line with fans just as avid as I am has always been almost as fun as the movie itself. The last few midnight showings I have been to, however, have lacked the excitement I have come


What We’re Up To: May

We’re entering summer which means there will be a whole lot of awesome going on. Conventions, summer movies, and meetups oh my! Here’s what’s on our plate, at least for now. What We’re Reading: Nicole – I’m reading some free comics from Dark Horse right now. Unfortunately, my Marvel Free Comics offer got sent


Free Comic Books?!

Free Marvel comic books, you say? On my tablet/phone/computer?! Have no fear, fellow comic geeks- ComiXology and Marvel wouldn’t leave dedicated fans hanging for long! If you missed it the first time, ComiXology and Marvel have returned their “700 Free Marvel #1’s” after the original March release crashed the ComiXology platform. This time,


Spreading the Geek Love <3

I cannot say enough good things about Arsenal Game Room and Cafe in Fountain Square. Troy (the owner) is friendly and extremely welcoming to new faces, as were the clientele. A fantastic group of D&D-ers allowed us to tag along and watch their game, chatting and including us in the conversation. During


Geek Parenting: Level Expert

For the last four years, I have had one very specific goal: make my daughter the most fantastic, geekiest kid possible. From a Beatles themed nursery and daily “good music” lessons (no kids CDs allowed unless They Might Be Giants released them) to frequent Dr. Who marathons, I’m a mom on a


My First Cosplay – Jet Girl

I am very excited to be writing this post. I was invited to an apocalypse costume party, and it has given me my very first cosplay experience! The costumes were supposed to be apocalypse themed, so my friend Claire and I went as Tank Girl and Jet. I was Jet, naturally. Coming