Movie Review: Iron Man 3


I have a long-standing love affair with midnight openings. The anticipation, crazy costumes, and standing in line with fans just as avid as I am has always been almost as fun as the movie itself. The last few midnight showings I have been to, however, have lacked the excitement I have come to expect. I am not sure if it is the theater or the people, but these events were once a time for us geeks to come together in celebration of the characters we love! Come on fellow geeks, it’s time to reclaim our rightful place in the midnight showing hierarchy! (Please don’t make me have to stand behind people who spend their time in line talking about how awesome Twilight is and debating how to spell Iron Man again.)

I always try to approach superhero movies from the point of view that the movie is an artistic interpretation of the original. Nothing will be exactly the same, and while the differences can be frustrating and disappointing at times, it can be exciting and fun at others. The Iron Man franchise has always been my favourite of the Marvel movies, and the latest installment did not disappoint. I had a great time at Iron Man 3- the story was fantastic, Pepper and Roadie are  badasses, and Robert Downey Jr is true to his sassy-pants self. It was a satisfying conclusion should this be the end of the Iron Man franchise- obviously he’ll be back for Avengers 2, but the possibility of any more Iron Man movies is up in the air since Downey Jr.’s contract is up. I give Iron Man 3 two happy geek thumbs up, but I can’t say anything else without violating my rule of not giving away details for the first week!



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