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Review: Tyranny of Dragons

I don’t know what you guys do on your Friday nights, but here in Awesometown, we play games. We’re not picky on the type of games- board, video, tabletop, reindeer. (Especially reindeer.) Right now we’re at the beginning of a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign and I couldn’t be more excited. Buddy


Press Release: San Antonio based Balero Games announces The Game of Roaches

Be a creepy crawly roach trying to take over the house! Balero Games announces The Game of Roaches a new imagination filled table top game where players get to be roach characters who are trying to take over the house. Designed by a middle school science teacher, Colleen Guzman, The Game of


Kickstarter Launched for Tabletop Video Game Eon Altar by Flying Helmet Games

Vancouver-based independent studio Flying Helmet Games launches a Kickstarter campaign, to fund Eon Altar, a new cooperative role-playing adventure that blends the experience of classic tabletop gaming and modern video games into a Tabletop Video Game. Eon Altar is an innovative Fantasy RPG Tabletop Video Game for Tablets and Handsets that brings


Doctor Who: Card Game vs RPG

We’ve been playing a lot of tabletop games at home lately. On Tuesday I wrote about how we’re turning the Geekling into an awesome baby gamer, and all of that stems from our own love of gaming. Like any geeks, we’ll play pretty much any game once, and games themed after our


Press Release: Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War: Pre-Registration Bonus & Debut Trailer‏

Following Wizards of the Coast’s recent news at Gen Con of the yearlong Dungeons & Dragons event “The Sundering” in the Forgotten Realm’s setting, DeNA has released the debut trailer for its future mobile game release of Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War. Arena of War Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AdNhczUDKI Pre-register for Exclusive Bonus


My First Gen Con

Although I’ve grown up in Indianapolis, this weekend was my first Gen Con. There always seemed to be something going on Gen Con weekend, or I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. The stars finally aligned this year and I was finally able to make it to the convention for the


Collecting Stories: Compiling the Oral History of Women in Gaming

Through the magic of twitter, I was introduced to Lillian Cohen-Moore’s latest project to collect the stories of women in gaming (thanks to Sara from Solid Gold Eats for the tip!). Lilly was inspired by the #1ReasonWhy hashtag that was trending back in November. But while #1ReasonWhy evolved to focused on the stories


5 on Friday (Leveling Up Edition): Tools to Make Your Health Goals Successful

As with any quest, it’s dangerous to go alone. It’s best to have some trusty tools with you as you head out. Your health journey is no different. Here are five tools to help every geek track their progress. 1. LoseIt! (iOS, Android, Web) – I tried three of the bigger name apps


Dungeons and Dragons: The Quest Continues

Last night was my third Dungeons and Dragons night, and another day where we got more into the story at hand. We started and ended the night with story development, which is giving the game a lot more purpose in my eyes. It seemed before hand, we were just wondering around getting


Entering the World of Dungeons and Dragons

I’m learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I went in with no idea what to expect, or how to prepare. I’m going to document my journey for anyone else who finds themselves in this position. Last night was my second game night. I’m combining the first two