Dungeons and Dragons: The Quest Continues

Lucky die of the night!

Lucky die of the night!

Last night was my third Dungeons and Dragons night, and another day where we got more into the story at hand. We started and ended the night with story development, which is giving the game a lot more purpose in my eyes. It seemed before hand, we were just wondering around getting beat up in the forest. We started at a town and tried to figure out if they knew anything about the stolen relic we were trying to find. We were pointed to an evil town, and started making our way.

We had an encounter in the forest in which I had probably the best luck I’ve had yet and even got in a crit with a daily. It was pretty exciting for me. I got to use my Orb I got last week, get maximum damage, and find out how exactly a crit works. After probably our quickest encounter since we’ve been playing, we ended up at the evil town and had a look around.

We went into the tavern, spoke to the barkeeper, and had a look around. We had thought about intimidating him, but I thought we should do a perception check for weapons which everyone agreed was a good idea (yay! I’m learning how this all works!). We waited for the bar to be empty and found out about a gang that might have what we’re looking for. We ended the night stealthily waiting for a way to get into the gang’s hideout.

As I mentioned last week I’ve been thinking more about who my character is, and what motivates her. I read a really good post on the Shardmind, and have decided my character is definitely neutral. I’m still not sure where in neutral. I usually play a good guy, but my group already has two Lawful Good players, and a few Chaotic Neutral. I found this super handy alignment chart based on Arrested Development. And I’m a leaning towards Neutral Evil. Mainly because we don’t have any evil, and after ending up in the evil town it seems like that could be handy. So as I head into next week, I’m wondering how you decided your character’s alignment? Did you choose before hand, or did you just see how things turned out?

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