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I don’t know what you guys do on your Friday nights, but here in Awesometown, we play games. We’re not picky on the type of games- board, video, tabletop, reindeer. (Especially reindeer.) Right now we’re at the beginning of a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign and I couldn’t be more excited. Buddy the Elf is going to kick some dragon ass. If you haven’t tried out D&D 5th edition yet, check out the review below, infused with a heavy dose of hipster sarcasm. (Originally posted on Hipsterinema by our dungeon master- the man who is crazy enough to bond himself to me for life.)


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By: Erik

Tyranny of Dragons

Earlier this year Wizards of the Coast released the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and with it came of the Tyranny of Dragons. An epic two event that puts your heroes against the Cult of the Dragon who are trying to bring Tiamat back to Forgotten Realms.  This specific adventure sets the characters on Faerûn’s western shore named the Sword Coast and more specifically between Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter (I’m sure you’ve never heard those names but they are great old games.)

Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The first half of the epic saga is designed to start a level 1 party on a quest to discover what is the mission of the Cult of Dragons.  The Cult is already in possession of several of the five dragon masks and kidnapping a scholar from a town.  It is during the rescue that the heroes learn of the Cult and of the existence of a dragon hatchery that must be destroyed.  Afterward the party get lead north and find unexpected allies in the Zhentarium.  The journey calumniates at a stronghold where the party meets Talis the White, member of the Cult who could be either friend or foe.  At the end of this adventure, your party should be approximately at level 7 and ready to finish the fight with the Cult in the second book.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Cover Art

The Rise of Tiamat

When the Cult of Dragons is in possession of all five dragon masks, they may merge them together to create the Mask of the Dragon Queen and use it summon forth Tiamat.  Along with their allies the Red Wizards of Thay, the Harpers, and the Order of the Gauntlet they spread fear and panic throughout the Sword Coast and create an opportunity for smaller monsters to raise up and create even more havoc.  After having narrowing escaped being assassinated by the Cult of Dragons and meeting with some of the oldest and powerful dragons in Faerûn, the adventure climaxes at the Well of Dragons where the players have the option among three fronts in the great battle that unfolds.

The Rise of Tiamat - Cover Art


Final Thoughts

This two-part adventure is a great start for any party just starting in 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  It’ll get all players acquainted with the new rules and at the end will have them at a high enough level to go on any new adventures that the dungeon master may come up with.  It’s a great time to start playing 5th edition and start playing Dungeons and Dragons as a whole. Creepy cult not included.


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Photo Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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