Press Release: San Antonio based Balero Games announces The Game of Roaches

roachesBe a creepy crawly roach trying to take over the house!

Balero Games announces The Game of Roaches a new imagination filled table top game where players get to be roach characters who are trying to take over the house.

Designed by a middle school science teacher, Colleen Guzman, The Game of Roaches is infested with kooky roach characters such as the ninja roach, spy roach and clown roach; who use their best roach skills to make it past the scary everyday dangers in the house such as the roach motel and chancla, in order to battle one another for ultimate control of the whole house.

The game includes 12 cards for each roach character, showing the roach alive and ready to battle on one side and deceased, legs in the air on the other side, for a total of 72 roach cards. There are 6 everyday danger cards to make it past and 6 room cards to win. There is 1 white die for the GM and 6 colored dice that correspond with the six roach characters. The game also comes with a rule booklet.

The Game of Roaches is for players 5 and up and allows for 2-7 players. The game will retail for $25.00

The Game of Roaches is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding for the first publication run. With funding the game is scheduled to be release in April 2015.

Note from Nicole: Roaches is from the same husband-wife team that brought us App’d. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying their latest game!

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