Doctor Who: Card Game vs RPG

We’ve been playing a lot of tabletop games at home lately. On Tuesday I wrote about how we’re turning the p00s06h2Geekling into an awesome baby gamer, and all of that stems from our own love of gaming. Like any geeks, we’ll play pretty much any game once, and games themed after our favourite movies and TV shows are always worth a try. We recently bought the Doctor Who RPG and the Doctor Who card game to try.

While both the games pay great tribute to the Doctor, there are some notable differences in level of play:

  • The RPG is definitely meant for those who have seen the show. Without prior knowledge of the characters, their abilities won’t make sense.
  • The RPG play can be complicated for those who don’t already play this type fo game, but they do have a start adventure mapped out for first time players. It’s a bit anti-climactic for those of us who are used to creating our own stories, but it would definitely be helpful for those who are new to RPGs.
  • We purchased the Tenth Doctor version as well as the Aliens and Creatures expansion. What’s awesome about this RPG is we can download the Eleventh Doctor update for free when we;re ready to add those characters and stories. There are also quite a few more expansions that can be purchased to customize play.
  • The card game is much easier to learn and can be understood by both avid Doctor Who fans and those who have never seen an episode.
  • That being said, players need to pay close attention to what characters can be played together.

Overall, gameplay is great for both games. If you’re looking for a quick, simple party game, the card game is the way to go. If a more customizable adventure is what you desire, make sure to check out the Doctor Who RPG.

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