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Product Review: Turntable Labs Record Brush

Disclaimer: I picked up the Turntable Labs Record Brush on my own, the only compensation I’ll get is if you buy one through an affiliate link below. #FeedABlogger Around two months ago I started collecting records. And I am officially hooked. My collection is growing, and my husband has to listen to me drone


Product Review: Otterbox Commuter Case

We’ve been over my klutzy tendencies again and again. So when I switched back to Android with the Samsung Galaxy S4, I knew I needed to make sure I had a good case. So I went with the g0-to for solidly built cases, Otterbox. But I’m also incredibly girly and didn’t want to


Makeup Review: Philly Loves Lacquer – Avenuers

As much as I love the idea of indie polish, it’s not something I buy a lot of. Most of it tends to be very sparkly, and I am not a sparkly type girl (I actually gave Claire my bottle of Be Excellent to Each Other. Claire loves sparkle.). So I was


Product Review: Case-Mate Custom Tough Case

Note: These are not the same cases we sell in the Pure Geekery store. Spreadshirt does not carry Galaxy S4 tough cases so I ordered mine through Case-Mate. The iPhone 5 case we had a giveaway for did not have these issues, and was much less expensive. It was also not a


Product Review: Bodum BISTRO B. Over Pour Over Coffeemaker

I’m the type of person who loves to try new ways to make coffee, so I have a wide variety of coffeemakers. I have a French Press, a vacuum pot, a Keurig, and now I’ve added the Bodum BISTRO B. Over Pour Over coffee maker to my list. Why another option (especially


Product Review: Ogio Brooklyn Tablet Purse

I carry an absurd amount of stuff with me when I’m on a blogging assignment. My iPad, phone, battery backup, pens, a notebook, all the things a good blogger should have on hand at any given time. Finding a purse that was able to carry all those things, and not look like


Doctor Who: Card Game vs RPG

We’ve been playing a lot of tabletop games at home lately. On Tuesday I wrote about how we’re turning the Geekling into an awesome baby gamer, and all of that stems from our own love of gaming. Like any geeks, we’ll play pretty much any game once, and games themed after our


Product Review: Google Chromecast

Update: Since this post was written, several apps have been added to Chromecast, making it more appealing. Mine also stopped working completely about a year after this was written. It’s women’s roller derby divisionals, that magical time of year when every weekend for a month my computer is hooked up to the TV 24/7.


Product Review: GoldieBlox

These days, walking through the toy aisle is treacherous. Everything is either hot pink and covered in glitter or has a superhero logo slapped on it. (For the record I like both glitter and superheros!) There aren’t any toys of substance anymore- rarely do you see a cool educational toy on the shelves


Makeup Review: Fandom Cosmetics “Keepers of the Peace”

At Fandom Fest, we ran across Fandom Cosmetics booth full of nail polish. I was ecstatic because I had just started experimenting with indie polish, and here was a whole booth where I could see the true colors without worrying if my monitors were showing me the correct colors or not. Not