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Makeup Review: Fandom Cosmetics “Keepers of the Peace”

At Fandom Fest, we ran across Fandom Cosmetics booth full of nail polish. I was ecstatic because I had just started experimenting with indie polish, and here was a whole booth where I could see the true colors without worrying if my monitors were showing me the correct colors or not. Not


5 on Friday – Convention Gear

It’s after labor day which means summer, and con season, is winding down. This was my first true con season, and it was a blast. We started with the Louisville Arcade Expo (still my favorite of the year), went to InConJunction to checkout a locally ran con, Fandom Fest was disappointing but


Giveaway: Star Wars in 60 Minutes or Less Tickets

I love live theatre, so does Claire. We both were theatre kids in high school (no, not the same high school). She was an actress and I worked backstage. So when we were wandering around Fandom Fest on Friday night, and stumbled across Star Wars in 60 Minutes or Less, a live


Fandom Fest: The Good

Claire and I have both posted our opinions on what went wrong at Fandom Fest. That is not to say there weren’t bright points, and we didn’t try to have a good time. There were some shining examples of geek brotherhood that made the whole thing worthwhile, and made me proud to


Fandom Fest: A Complete Lack of Communication

So by now you have read about the mess that was Fandom Fest. The lines, the ridiculously unprepared employees, angry stars, angry vendors, etc. This wasn’t my first con. Being from Indiana, I’ve been to GenCon a few times, and while I never made it inside SDCC when I lived in the area,


Fandom Fest: How Not to Run a Con

When we were down at the Louisville Arcade Expo this past spring, Claire and I saw a flier for Fandom Fest and knew we wanted to go. Four months later our bags were packed, our room was booked, and we headed south to Louisville. I was particularly excited because this would be


5 on Friday: 5 Songs for Your Road Trip Playlist

It’s summer. It’s time for lounging by the pool, too much wine, and of course road trips. This weekend Claire and I will be heading on a mini road trip to Louisville for FandomFest (keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates). Of course we’ll need an appropriate road trip