5 on Friday: 5 Songs for Your Road Trip Playlist

IMG_2709[1]It’s summer. It’s time for lounging by the pool, too much wine, and of course road trips. This weekend Claire and I will be heading on a mini road trip to Louisville for FandomFest (keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates). Of course we’ll need an appropriate road trip playlist.

The road trip playlist is nothing to take lightly. There needs to be a wide variety of songs. You need background noise songs for talking, and sing-alongs to keep yourself entertained. I like to sneak in a few songs that I don’t think Claire has heard before. Our last trip to Louisville introduced her to Chameleon Circuit, Dual Core, and MC Lars.

For this post though, I’m sticking to the fun sing-alongs. Songs that are well known (at least between your friends) and can be screamed at the top of your lungs. Songs that will be forever etched to the trip. 

Nicole’s Top 5 Road Trip Playlist Tracks

1) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Mary Jane’s Last Dance: If you are in a bar in Indiana, it’s almost guaranteed this song will come on at some point in time. And the entire bar will sing. 

2) The Runaways – Cherry Bomb: After seeing how disappointed Claire was that this was not an option for karaoke at last weekend’s afterparty, I cannot leave “Cherry Bomb” off the list. 

3) Fun – We Are Young: I’m sure most of you are longing for the day you never have to hear this song again. But since I don’t ever listen to the radio, I haven’t been bombarded with it all summer and still love it. Besides, it’s really fun to sing.

4) Madonna – Like a Prayer: Claire and I were both raised Catholic. I’m pretty sure that makes “Like a Prayer” a required song.

5) They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul: Oh so many They Might Be Giants songs, so little time.

Claire’s Top 5 Road Trip Playlist Tracks

Just as a road trip is no fun with just one person, neither is a road trip playlist. So today you get five picks from me, and five picks from Claire.

 1) Gin Blossoms – Follow You Down

2) March Cohn – Walking in Memphis

3) Micheal Jackson – Man in the Mirror

4) Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – Jackson

5) Wavves – King of the Beach

If you want to see our entire road trip playlist, head over to our Last.FM profile or check it out on Spotify.

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