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Convention GearIt’s after labor day which means summer, and con season, is winding down. This was my first true con season, and it was a blast. We started with the Louisville Arcade Expo (still my favorite of the year), went to InConJunction to checkout a locally ran con, Fandom Fest was disappointing but it was our first overnight Pure Geekery trip so that was awesome, and lastly Gen Con which made me want to buy all the things. One of the things I quickly learned was to hit the convention with the proper gear. These are the things I’ll make sure I have with me going forward.

1) Comfortable Backpack – Back when I’d mountain bike, I picked up a CamelBak women’s specific bag() from Woot for $20. The bag has seen more derby venues, airplanes, and now conventions than it’s ever seen trails. I take it everywhere because it’s so damn comfortable. Narrower straps and strap positions and shorter length make it easy for me to carry. And it’s important to have a way to carry all your stuff. There are programs, fliers, swag, and merchandise that all need to go somewhere throughout the day. Not to mention the rest of the gear on this list.

2) Two Cameras – Why two cameras? I found it useful to have my DSLR to take high quality shots most of the time, and then my iPhone camera for easy reach quick stuff when my DSLR wasn’t ready. This may be a bit much for you, but I saw several other attendees copying this practice so I know I’m not alone on this.

3) Insoles – I made a mistake. I insisted on wearing my cute (but completely flat) boots to Gen Con. My arches ached for over a week. While I have preexisting foot problems that contributed to this, having supportive shoes when you’re going to be on your feet all weekend is important. Get some insoles to put in your shoes that match your costume, but might not be the nicest to your feet. I like the Dr. Scholl’s active inserts.

4) Water Bottle – Walking around all day during the summer is a quick way to get dehydrated. Drinks at conventions tend to be a bit pricey so fill up at the water fountain and carry it around with you. No, energy drinks do not count as hydration.

5) Battery Pack – My battery pack is a lifesaver. As you’re texting friends, finding places to eat, and taking pictures you tend to go through battery life quicker at conventions than anyplace else.  There are cheaper options, but I really like having the built in cables (one less thing to remember) and being able to charge either my iOS devices or my husband’s Android devices. If that’s not important to you, there are less expensive options available as well.



Is there any gear you always make sure to have on you when you head to a convention?

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