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May the 4th be with you!

I first saw Star Wars when I was 8 years old. My friend Molly and I sat awestruck in front of the screen for 3 nights, absorbed in sci-fi awesomeness. I had always been a bit of a nerdy child, running around with a headband over my eyes while my mom watched


Replacing My Converse

Converse are the unofficial shoe of the geek. The perfect shoe for my narrow, flat feet. Or so I thought. I went to the doctor with a stabbing pain in my ankle/heel that would not let up. Ended up being tendonitis of the Achilles tendon. Most likely caused by my chronic wearing


Winner! Postcard From Fox Grove Designs

Congratulations to Melody, the winner of the geeky postcard from Fox Grove Designs! Thank you to everyone who entered our first giveaway. If you needed another reason to buy from Fox Grove, through 4/26 they’re donating 10% of proceeds to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. So help some animals find forever homes and get


Pure Geekery Giveaway: Postcard From Fox Grove Designs

I was able to get into the first round of the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club, and as soon as I was matched I realized I had no stationary! So I started combing etsy to find something. It’s a bit harder than it sounds. Which is why I was excited that


Wanna Be Pen Pals?

Update: There was a 1,000 person limit on this and they reached it at about 8:30 EST last night. They will have another round sometime after April 1st though so keep your eyes open! Confession: I may prefer to be strictly digital with most things, but I love getting real mail. When


A Girl in Geek Culture…

Hi my name is Nicole. I’m 26. I’m female. And I play video games. And because of all that, I was nervous to write this post. This in itself shows how much of a problem we have.   This past week has seen a spike in coverage about women in geek culture.


Does ThinkGeek Have a Wedding Registry?

When I have a particularly stressful week in grad school, I get a serious case of tunnel vision- not need to take a deep breath and a bath tunnel vision, but Sheldon Cooper breaking in to an playscape to build molecules out of ball pit balls tunnel vision. Needless to say, I


What Makes a Gamer?

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about what it means to be a gamer. I’ve started playing more games lately, and spending a considerable amount of time doing so. I use Fitocracy because I love the “leveling up” aspect. I use EpicWin as my to-do list for the same reason. I


5 on Friday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geek Girls

Flowers and chocolate, while appreciated, lack a bit of thought. It’s something you can swing by the drugstore on the way home and pick up. If you really want to make an impression on the geek girl in your life, try some of these options. Most of these come from various Etsy


Legos and Being a Geek Girl

Hello all! I was really excited when Nicole asked me to join her blog. My first post topic came to me immediately: Legos. Due to my bachelors degree in Family and Child Studies, my 4 year old daughter, and being an awesome kid myself, I have spent a great deal of my