Does ThinkGeek Have a Wedding Registry?

When I have a particularly stressful week in grad school, I get a serious case of tunnel vision- not need to take a deep breath and a bath tunnel vision, but Sheldon Cooper breaking in to an playscape to build molecules out of ball pit balls tunnel vision. Needless to say, I am oblivious to pretty much everything in such a state.

So, Friday, when Nicole asked me to get coffee with her on Friday before game night, I saw it as a nice way to get out of the house and replenish my caffeine. The boyfriend handed me some cash to run by the liquor store on the way home on my way out the door- the cheap whiskey at Target was apparently not good enough for the night.

We grabbed coffee at Starbucks and sat down to talk. And Nicole kept talking…and kept talking (she mentioned she brought her camera to get some group shots of us playing). And I kept checking my watch as time crept closer and closer to 8 when we were supposed to be back. I was slightly confused, but we took off, ran by the liquor store, and got home not too late.

We walked inside as I went on about books/movies/school/I can’t remember, and we made it up the stairs before boyfriend points out that I missed something. Lined up down the stairs were little Mario cubes. What happened next can only be described in the following transcript:

Boyfriend: You missed something.

I turn around and see the cubes

Me: Oh those are cute.

I turn around and start digging in my purse for my phone. I don’t notice that Nicole has her camera out.

Boyfriend: The question mark ones usually have stuff in it.

Me: OO, piece of candy! OO a piece of candy!

(At this point I’m getting suspicious)

I collect all my candy, reach the top of the stairs and he hands me a companion cube…..with an engagement ring in it.



"Will you be my companion?"

“Will you be my companion?”





Oh, and I said yes. <3

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