Wanna Be Pen Pals?

iggppc-iconUpdate: There was a 1,000 person limit on this and they reached it at about 8:30 EST last night. They will have another round sometime after April 1st though so keep your eyes open!

Confession: I may prefer to be strictly digital with most things, but I love getting real mail. When my friend Katie sent me a Valentine’s Day postcard I got all kinds of excited. I love getting postcards from Brett and Kate over at Foreign Detours. It’s a bit of real in my digital life. So I was excited to see International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club in my twitter feed today.

Sign up is now through April 1, 2013 (oh please don’t let this be a joke). You list where you’re from and your top five favorite geeky things and they match you up.  I’ll be posting about this in the coming months, so get in now if you don’t want to feel left out.

Now, to Etsy to find some cute stationary…

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