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Men in Tights: The Role of Men in Modern Derby

This past weekend, the Race City Rebels played the Naptown Roller Girls in a battle for hometown bragging rights. It was an awesome bout, how could it not be? The number 9 ranked team in the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) skating against the number 12 team in the Women’s Flat Track


Gift Guide: The Derby Geek

This list is a mix of both gifts for the geek that loves derby, and the derby geek who loves all things on eight wheels. Truth be told, there’s a lot of overlap there. There’s something about the serious yet goofy atmosphere of derby that just attracts us geeks to the world


Life After Derby

Today would have been my two year derbyversary. In celebration of my first derbyversary last year, I posted about the things derby had taught me. Things like appreciating my body and what it can do, spacial awareness, and the importance of taking care of yourself. Things that eventually led me to initially


Mean Girls – All Grown Up

Alright ladies. I want you to know that I mean all this with love. You are a wonderful group of human beings with a great capacity for love and kindness. You have amazing skills to share with the world, you’re funny, you’re truly beautiful people. So why the hell do you insist


Today, I am thankful.

Like every other American, I woke up this morning with no need to check the calendar. I knew what today was and what it meant. Our world will never be the same. 12 years ago, we turned a corner and there’s no going back. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any good


Getting Hellbent With Beattie Sedgwick(And a Giveaway!)

Update: Congratulations AdRock on winning the Hellbent Helmets T-Shirt!  Roller derby was born out of a DIY ethos. We run our own leagues, coach ourselves, promote ourselves, anything that has to be done we do it ourselves. I believe this self-sufficient mentality is the reason there are so many derby owned businesses. One


5 on Friday: Reasons to Check Out Men’s Roller Derby

Roller Derby usually conjures up women with fun names, short shorts, and fishnets. The sport of derby is evolving though. Some teams have given up the names, and have gone to a more uniform look. And oh yeah, men play now too. The Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) started a few years


Stages of Derby Retirement: Acceptance

I can tell you the exact moment I not only accepted my derby retirement, but actually began to enjoy it. It was at Spring Roll. It had been a rough weekend for me. Being around derby had been rough as a whole, and this was a whole weekend of it. But my


Stages of Derby Retirement: Anger

Part three of my series on retiring from roller derby. Same disclaimer as my post on Isolation/Depression applies. I promise the next entry is much more positive. This is just chronicling my emotional journey. Also, “My Emotional Journey” is the name of my Brand New cover band. As I stated in my


Stages of Derby Retirement: Isolation/Depression

This is the third part in my series about retiring from roller derby. I want to say now, that this is going to make some of you upset. And for that, I apologize. Just realize I mean nothing personal by this, and it’s just the way I felt/feel. I know I took