Gift Guide: The Derby Geek

This list is a mix of both gifts for the geek that loves derby, and the derby geek who loves all things on eight wheels. Truth be told, there’s a lot of overlap there. There’s something about the serious yet goofy atmosphere of derby that just attracts us geeks to the world of roller derby.

1) Knee Socks – A derby girl cannot have too many knee socks. And there is an amazing variety of geeky socks out there perfect for derby. My favorite were my “Geek” knee socks because they seem designed for more athletic calves. But there are so many other options as well. Batman, Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and Nintendo are all options. Look around a bit and you’ll find them! (P.S. The Batman, Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and Nintendo socks link to Haunted Flower, owned by Traverse City Toxic Cherry skater Jackie Bauer.)

2) Derby Girl Posters – Despite being called “Derby GIRL Posters,” this shop has posters for men’s derby too! (And you all know how much I love men’s derby). They also have posters for refs, which is awesome. They do so much work and deserve to have posters too. The posters are fully customizable for color and text. I have a Derby Girl Poster that I bought for my husband for Valentine’s Day this year. It shipped quickly and looks great. It’s an amazing and thoughtful gift for your derby wife or the derby girl in your life.

Derby Girl Poster

The poster I ordered from Derby Girl Posters.

3) Shirts from Knockdown Getup – A new shop (and one ran by one of my former teammates) Knockdown Getup is a small shop with only a couple of designs for now. But the designs they do have are completely different from most of the derby shirts you see out there. My favorite is Puss in Boot (the internet loves cats right?).

Knockdown Getup

Puss in Boot shirt from Knockdown Getup.

4) Sequin Star Headband from Bullet Boutfits – I’m not a jammer, but I rocked this headband at after parties when I still played. See, headbands are a magical thing. They take post-bout helmet hair and magically make it look intentional. Once again, Bullet Boutfits is a derby ran business. It’s always awesome to support our own.

Bullet Boutfits Headband

I’m not a jammer, I just want to look cute.

5) Lift & Separate Shorts – There are tons of booty-shorts out there, but to me nothing is quite as flattering as the Lift & Separate Shorts from Iron Doll clothing. They also have the benefit of being adjustable on the sides. So wear them all the way down to do a parade or other family event, and pull them up for the after party.

Lift and Separate shorts in silver

As far as I’m concerned, the best shorts in derby.

Lastly, one thing to not buy your derby geek (unless you know what you’re doing) is gear. I know it seem contradictory, after all, they’re always talking about wheels, bearings, and plates. But there are so many options it’s hard to know what you’re doing. Unless you have an awesome local shop that knows their customers (in Indianapolis we’re lucky to have Vital Skates), you’re best to stay away and go for fun stuff instead.

Ok derby community, add your wishlist items to the comments and then send this off to your friends and family.

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