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A Week with the Nexus 5X

As I approached the end of my two year contract with Verizon, I started looking around at other phones. When I realized the subsidized two year contract phone no longer existed, I resolved to make my Galaxy S4 last as long as possible. And then I dropped it. (My Otterbox case was


Home Automation: 1 Year Later

A year ago I posted about how my husband and I were going to start automating our home using the SmartThings platform. At that time, we just had two lights automated. We honestly didn’t do much with it most of the year (which is good, since Samsung didn’t provide the best upgrade


I love my ridiculous remote.

Update 12/20/2018: Logitech has disabled local APIs for their Harmony remote. I can no longer recommend this product. In the recent past, I scoffed at expensive remotes. I remember about five years ago, scoffing at my husband when he bought at $90 smart remote during a Woot Off (to be fair, it was


Nest Thermostat: Its Not For Techies

Note: This is about the second generation Nest. Google announced a newer one earlier this month with bigger screen and a more sensitive light sensor. As far as I can tell, those are the only differences. We bought a Nest thermostat on Black Friday last year, and now that I’ve had it


Migrating to SmartThings 2.0

About a year ago I wrote about how we started our home automation project by buying a SmartThings hub. Samsung has just now released the new version of the of the hub, and we decided to pre-order. I just finished the migration process and thought I’d let you know how it went.


Apple, Photoshop, and Focusing on the Wrong Thing

I’m over most of the big product announcements companies do anymore. I don’t need to watch a company parade it’s new thing out for two hours when I can read about what they’re releasing in a fraction of that time. I don’t care for the spectacle, just the specs. So when Apple


Entering The Audio Rabbit Hole….

If you’ve been around Pure Geekery for a little while, you know that record collecting is my new hobby. Which of course has led into trying to build up a decent audio system. Which is way harder you’d think. Audio is so subjective. Everyone has an opinion on what “the best sound”


Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet: Packing Procrastination Edition

I’ve been packing my house for weeks. I swear I don’t think we have that much stuff for three people, but the boxes in my living room beg to differ. In the name of packing procrastination, I give you the top five awesome things on the internet that have been distracting me


You Should Be Using Dual Factor Authentication

Another day, another high profile social media attack, this time it’s the US Central Command Twitter and YouTube pages. Hacking these sorts of pages isn’t particularly hard, you already have one piece of information (the login or username). We haven’t heard about what tools these hackers may have used, it could have


App Review: Songza

I tend to go through phases where I just want to find some new apps. I’ll go through the “recommended” and “popular” categories in the app store to see what I can find. Most of the time, I’ll use them once or twice and then they’ll sit until I do a cleanup