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Building a Geekling Gamer

It’s no surprise to regular readers that I enjoy turning my geekling into the most fantastically geeky child in the history of the universe. She recognizes a majority of the 12 Doctors (she distinguishes between them by hair or hair style- last night she asked for a “Number 4” hat), knows the


Power Grid: A Game Begging for House Rules

My husband (a power engineer) asked if I had any interest in playing Power Grid several months ago. His friends/co-workers loved the game and he wanted to give it a try. Since I’m always trying to get him interested in gaming, I jumped on the opportunity. We opened it up, tried to


How to Alienate Female Gamers

Before I begin, let me just say 95% of Gen Con was amazing. I didn’t catch anyone leering at me, I didn’t get “accidentally” ran into, and no one questioned my geek cred. Gamers were helpful, instead of sarcastic, when I mentioned I hadn’t played a game. But, and there’s alway a


Gen Con: Claire’s Christmas in August

So it’s no secret that I love conventions. The more comic cons and game conventions I go to, the more I love them. Minus the disorganization of Fandom Fest, Gen Con weekend was a fantastic 4 days. (It’s amazing what a few rope lines can do for con happiness!) I spent the


Gen Con Tournament – Ticket To Ride

I had only played Ticket to Ride a few times during family dinners. I liked the concept of the game, and the game play itself is quick easy once you get into it, but it does take some strategy, like all games. Should I place my track here? Will I make my


My First Gen Con

Although I’ve grown up in Indianapolis, this weekend was my first Gen Con. There always seemed to be something going on Gen Con weekend, or I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. The stars finally aligned this year and I was finally able to make it to the convention for the


Scotty’s Brewhouse + Gen Con

Cons provide a unique experience for geeks like me- everything I love in one place including endless hours of games, shopping, panels, and photo ops (and don’t forget the accepted ability to dress up like it’s Halloween for days on end). However the one thing cons lack s good food. I can’t


Press Release: Paizo Publishing’s Gen Con Schedule

General Paizo Events Ongoing throughout Gen Con Paizo is in booth #203 in the Exhibit Hall Giveaways at the Paizo booth throughout GenCon Free collectible buttons, a new one each day Free promo card for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Spend $50 or more at the Paizo booth and get a free


Press Release: IELLO’s Program for Indy Gen Con

Editor’s Note: Hello readers! We have been getting a few press releases from game companies leading up to Gen Con. This one from IELLO is the first one we’ve ran. Do you want to see more of these? Or should we just leave them in our inbox? IELLO’s New Games THE THREE LITTLE


Collecting Stories: Compiling the Oral History of Women in Gaming

Through the magic of twitter, I was introduced to Lillian Cohen-Moore’s latest project to collect the stories of women in gaming (thanks to Sara from Solid Gold Eats for the tip!). Lilly was inspired by the #1ReasonWhy hashtag that was trending back in November. But while #1ReasonWhy evolved to focused on the stories