Gift Guide: The Record Collector

Gifts For-Record Collectors

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It’s getting into the holiday season, which means it’s time to start thinking about what to get for everyone on your list. It’s harder than it sounds, and once again this year we’re ready to help! We’re going to run gift guides for the various geeks on your shopping list every friday up to the Friday before Christmas. Starting this Friday with gifts for the record collectors on your list. Music has been a recurring theme on the blog this year, since I started collecting records last winter. And over that time I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with what all is involved in the hobby. That being said, these gifts are most likely going to go over better with a novice like myself, than someone who has been doing this for a while.

1) Vinyl Me, Please Subscription: It’s hard to buy vinyl for collectors. Unless they have Discogs, it’s nearly impossible to know what they already have. But that’s what makes a Vinyl Me, Please subscription so perfect! Everything they release is either limited in release or color, or an early release. You’re basically guaranteed to get something you don’t already have. I have cancelled my subscription for the moment (it is the holidays after all) but I loved it when I had it. Gift memberships start at three months for $75. You can also check with your local record store and see if they have a similar program. I know here in Indianapolis, Luna Music runs a similar program. Unfortunately you have to pre-order a year so it’s a bit pricey.

2) Slipmat: I love slipmats. They’re functional, and come in all kinds of crazy patterns. Amazon has several; but check out your local record store for some more unique options. (I’m currently eyeing this one from Indy CD and Vinyl.)

3) Cleaning Supplies: You never realize how dusty your house is until you start playing records. (To quote Claire: “Electromagnetism is a bitch.”) And all that dust ends up on your record player and records. There are all kinds of cleaning supplies that help. Anti-static brushes, record cleaners, and stylus cleaners are all things that will be appreciated.

4) Vinyl Themed Books: Since collecting vinyl is trendy at the moment, there are plenty of publishers ready to get in on the market as well. There are coffee table books like Dust and Grooves or more story based books like Vinyl Junkies. Of course buy any book in print, rather than gifting the e-book. We’re in the analog world after all!

5) Display Frames: Record collectors are always trying to find new ways to show off their collection, but framing the covers to put on the wall means you can’t play them anymore! That’s where these “play and display” frames come in. You can hang the album on the wall, but still easily get it out if you want to listen.

Bonus points if you can come up with an empty Beats headphones box to wrap any of these in. Nothing will get someone interested in audio quality going off like a pair of Beats headphones.

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