5 on Friday: A Musical Tribute to Geek Girls

Geek Girls, we don’t get a ton of songs written about us. When we do, they tend to be borderline fetishizing. A guy who’s in love with some geek girl from afar, or she’s pretty with a side of geek. A genuine “you’re awesome” song is hard to come by. But when we do come by one, they’re pretty awesome. Here are five of my favorites:

The Doubleclicks – Nothing to Prove

Nothing to Prove lyrics

A song about geek girls by geek girls. I had the opportunity to see The Doubleclicks at Gen Con, and when they played this song all of the girls in the audience (and most of the guys) were singing along. The Doubleclicks have also launched a Tumblr where geek girls can submit their stories. Hopefully this movement just keeps growing.

Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself

Self Rescuing Princess lyrics

A geek girl anthem fit for the Geekling. This song by Jonathan Coulton chronicles the story of a young princess who defeated a dragon and won over the evil witch. They all then formed a band. Make sure to watch the video I linked to above, complete with drawings from a first grade class.

George Hrab – Ms. Information

Ms. Information Lyrics

Need something done? Ask a geek. This is one of my favorite DO ALL THE THINGS songs.

Dual Core – My Girlfriend Is…

My Girlfriend Is... lyrics

The opposite of the situation I described above. The object of affection in this song heavily geeky, with a side of pretty. Her actions and abilities define her more than her looks.

Marian Call – I’ll Still be A Geek When No One Thinks It’s Chic

I'll Still be a Geek When It's No Longer Chic

I absolutely love this song. It addresses the whole “you’re a geek if you look like X” phenomena that contributes to the whole “Fake Geek Girl” phenomenon.  Plus, she uses a typewriter as percussion.

You can check out the whole playlist on our YouTube channel. Are there any songs I missed? What is your favorite song by/for/about Geek Girls?

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