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Music Review: Ambush Vin – SciFi Music

I’m a sucker for concept albums. And when those concept albums branch into other media to create a story, I’m sold. So when Ambush Vin contacted us about his newest nerdcore album SciFi Music, complete with continuing ebook, comic, and music video detailing the battle, he had my attention. The passion that


5 on Friday: A Musical Tribute to Geek Girls

Geek Girls, we don’t get a ton of songs written about us. When we do, they tend to be borderline fetishizing. A guy who’s in love with some geek girl from afar, or she’s pretty with a side of geek. A genuine “you’re awesome” song is hard to come by. But when we


Pure Geekery Interviews: Int Eighty of Dual Core

I’ve had a few posts on here about work being a bit rough lately. I posted some of my ways of dealing with it (which kind of fizzled out entering week three). I eventually had to step down from my derby team’s roster because I couldn’t attend practice enough. I was going to


5 on Friday: 5 Songs to Introduce You to Nerdcore

Nerdcore, in a nutshell, is hip hop with nerdy lyrical content. I’m calling these songs all nerdcore, although some of the artists mentioned don’t identify as such (or don’t anymore). Some of them prefer to be called indie hip hop. It’s a very niche genre  but if you’re reading this there’s a chance