Music Review: Ambush Vin – SciFi Music

Album art for SciFi musicI’m a sucker for concept albums. And when those concept albums branch into other media to create a story, I’m sold. So when Ambush Vin contacted us about his newest nerdcore album SciFi Music, complete with continuing ebook, comic, and music video detailing the battle, he had my attention.

The passion that Vin has put into this project is incredible, and every part of the SciFi Music project reflects that. He’s built a universe across multiple mediums, and uses each medium to tell the story in the way it does best. The book and comic give details into the story that would have felt awkward in musical format. And the music gives more of a real time feel for what our protagonist is going through.

SciFi Music is an epic 21 tracks, which I haven’t seen on a single album in a long time. Combined with this being a $5 album, it’s kind of amazing. The album is also well produced and sonically sounds great. The music itself hit-and-miss for me. I loved some tracks, such as The Wormhole and The Cube, but others just weren’t doing it for me. Don’t mistake this for me saying it’s not good, it’s just one of those things that falls into a “not for me” category. Since you can stream the album for free on Bandcamp you should definitely go give it a listen.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of SciFi Music for review purposes. 

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