Rant: Fake Geek Girls

fake-geek-girlI’ve tried holding back from jumping into this currently popular topic. But I’m getting to the point where I just feel I need to add my two cents to this discussion. It’s time to discuss the “fake geek girls.”

I am lucky enough that I haven’t had that label thrown out at me, or even know anyone who has. But I have seen the discussions going on within our community on the various social networks. And this whole “fake geek girls” thing as got to stop, all it does is paint all of us in a bad light.

Let’s get one thing straight. Geek culture is popular right now. I, for one, love this. It means I can get a purse with a tablet sleeve built in. It means I can go into Barnes and Noble or Fry’s and be greeted by display after display of Star Wars and Doctor Who merch. So what do we do with this new found popularity? Do we expose people to other aspects of our respective fandoms? Do we get excited when we meet someone who likes what we like? No. Like the popular kids at high school, we exclude anyone new.

We don’t really exclude anyone though. We seem to target this exclusion to “girls.” For example, check out this comic posted by GeeksAreSexy.net. And then look up at the woman they have as the site logo. Cognitive dissonance much?

How about this. Next time you suspect someone to be “fake” or “a poseur” why don’t you just keep your mouth shut. The trend will be over and they’ll move on. If you must say something, show them something new in your respective fandom. “Have you seen this? It’s really cool.”

In other words, don’t be a douche.

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