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Apple, Photoshop, and Focusing on the Wrong Thing

I’m over most of the big product announcements companies do anymore. I don’t need to watch a company parade it’s new thing out for two hours when I can read about what they’re releasing in a fraction of that time. I don’t care for the spectacle, just the specs. So when Apple



On Saturday Isis Anchalee wrote this post on Medium about how she is in fact an engineer. She had to write this piece, because she was part of an ad campaign for her employer and people found it oh-so-hard to to believe she is an engineer. You know, because she’s pretty. I’ve written


Book Review: Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World

One of my biggest problems about how we talk about women in STEM is that we act as if we aren’t already here. Or if we do acknowledge women are already in these fields, we act as if it’s a new thing. Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World aims to change


5 on Friday: Why I’m a Feminist

Last month, I posted about my problems with the way we’re addressing the Women Against Feminism tumblr. I told you that I feel this way even though I am a feminist myself. But why am I a feminist? 1) Because politicians suck. Let’s face it, politicians serve their lobbyists more than they


Women in STEM. We’re Not Special.

On Friday I finally started listening to the Google I/O coverage. I had to wait the weekend to get my thoughts in order and not rage all of the screen. Why? Because Google basically said “Look at all the women here! Look at how awesome we are for having all these women!”


Rant: The Language We Use to Describe Women’s Bodies

It’s summer, which means women’s bodies are the topic of conversation yet again (although really, they always are). Most recently, we’re talking about the body of Mekayla Diehl,  aka Miss Indiana. She’s broken the typical beauty pageant mold and has a closer-to-average body type than beauty contestants. But we’re not calling her average.



This past weekend, a young man posted a video about how he hated women for rejecting him. How he was going to get retribution by shooting up a sorority house. And that’s precisely what he did. The normal topics after a mass shooting came out. We need more gun control! We need


“It’s Mine and You Can’t Have It!” – Paralleles on Gender in Video Games and Roller Derby

There’s yet another post going around the internet about how men don’t belong in derby. I’d post it here, but it’s more of the same and more of what we’ll see again. And as I read through the arguments put forth, I realized I’d heard them all before, except they had been directed


Princess or Engineer? Why Not Both?

Note: I am not a parent, nor do I plan on having children. I am however a woman in a STEM career, and was at one point a young girl. So I do have some sort of perspective on this. My husband and I were standing in line at box store one


Making Conventions Friendlier for Women

It’s only January, but it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming convention season. It’ll be here before we know it, with some of the earlier conventions starting in March. Last year was my first convention season, and I’ve reflected on it as I prepare for the coming season. The more I