5 on Friday: Why I’m a Feminist

Last month, I posted about my problems with the way we’re addressing the Women Against Feminism tumblr. I told you that I feel this way even though I am a feminist myself. But why am I a feminist?

1) Because politicians suck. Let’s face it, politicians serve their lobbyists more than they do their constituents. And they appeal to the vocal minority within their party to try to win votes. It’s not OK and we have to look out for ourselves.

2) Because making the world better for women, makes the world better for everyone.  When I was in a Web programming class in college we went into making websites friendly for differently-abled people. And during the lecture our prof pointed out by making our sites friendly for screen readers, we were forced to have better, standards compliant, designs. Improving something for one group is usually an improvement for all. When I wrote How to Make Conventions Friendlier for Women I got the “what about men who feel unsafe?” Guess what? These changes benefit you as well.

3) Because we’re still fighting each other. Ladies, we need to stop picking each other apart. We’re always attacking each others choices. No place is this more obvious than “having it all” argument. Having it all means different things to different people. My having it all doesn’t involve children. Someone else’s having it all may not involve having a career. Someone else might want both. All are valid. It’s not a competition and my choices don’t invalidate anyone elses.

4) Because we don’t have a better word. Personally, I’m on the Joss Whedon boat about the word feminist.  It’s not the right one. But, it’s the one we have so I embrace it.

5) Because we’re not done. If the last few weeks have proven anything, it’s that we still need feminism. First there was the Zoe Quinn controversy. Followed by Anita Sarkeesian being threatened to the degree she had to leave her own home. And then bundling those issues into one “GamerGate.” It’s things like this that really open your eyes to how far we still have to go.


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