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5 on Friday: 5 Ways I’m Going to Focus on My Health

At the beginning of the year I started writing a series of posts about how I needed to focus on my health. But work got busy. I had to retire from roller derby. I had a foot injury. And I lost all motivation. It’s the middle of the year now and it’s


Monumental Yoga

The internet has been a-buzz with picture of Summer Solstice yoga in Times Square over the past couple of years. Thousands of people, coming together to celebrate the Solstice together in one place inspired yoga studios and The Athenaeum here in Indy to bring the practice to our city. Although we didn’t


Too busy to function.

Ever have one of those days where time just gets away from you? Where you’ve got so much to do that you can’t possibly do it all? Yep that’s today. Doc appointments, packing, and life ing eneral has taken over. At some point, the Geekling actually found time to color all over


My Happiness Project: Yoga

In the middle of school/work insanity, I always long for the simplicity of summer- lazy days of swimming, watching tv, and playing with the geekling. In practice, however, I get bored without something to work towards-  a goal or deadline that keeps me busy on lazy summer afternoons and is key to


My Happiness Project: Namaste

I had an interesting run in with grad school insanity last week. After making a debatable choice in a presentation, a member of another group berated me and my group members, insisting we admit we were wrong. This continued over a week, with her getting nothing out of her efforts but “This