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App Review: Telegram

Chatting with friends online has started to become a bit of a pain. There are so many platforms, many of which are device exclusive. If they work with Android, they won’t work with iOS. If they work on mobile, they won’t work on the desktop. I’ve always ended up feeding Facebook all


App Review: Brain Trainers

Any kind of gaming is good for your brain. Sudoku, Candy Crush, the latest AAA blockbuster, they’re all based in problem solving and working through them helps keep your brain active (to varying degrees of course). Lately though, there’s been a new subset of games that are designed to maximize this benefit


App Review: Songza

I tend to go through phases where I just want to find some new apps. I’ll go through the “recommended” and “popular” categories in the app store to see what I can find. Most of the time, I’ll use them once or twice and then they’ll sit until I do a cleanup


Of Course I Broke My Windows Phone…

Some of our more faithful readers know this already, but I’m hell on phones. I broke an iPhone (twice). I beat up a Speck Candyshell Satin (the finish wore off, and the bottom started to crack from taking it on and off), and a Speck FabShell (fabric started to peel). Back in


Kickstarter Launched for Tabletop Video Game Eon Altar by Flying Helmet Games

Vancouver-based independent studio Flying Helmet Games launches a Kickstarter campaign, to fund Eon Altar, a new cooperative role-playing adventure that blends the experience of classic tabletop gaming and modern video games into a Tabletop Video Game. Eon Altar is an innovative Fantasy RPG Tabletop Video Game for Tablets and Handsets that brings


Essential Windows Phone 8 Apps

Windows Phone gets dinged a lot because there are “no apps.” It’s not really a fair assessment. While there are fewer apps, and not everything has an official client, there are plenty of apps to get things done. The number of apps in the store isn’t what is important. It’s if they


14 Days Later: Did I Keep My Windows Phone?

It’s been two weeks since I picked up my Windows phone. It was a risky choice, one I only felt comfortable with because I have an iPad if need/want an app that Windows Phone doesn’t have and Verizon’s 14 day return policy.   Corrections and Clarifications I corrected a few things in


5 on Friday: Streaming Music Services

When I got my Windows Phone, I had problems connecting to Spotify. It ended up being a problem with logging in via Facebook with dual authentication. Basically, I’m a fringe case. While I was working out my issue with Spotify (who has awesome and helpful support) I used the opportunity to check


You Are Not Your Phone.

When iOS7 was released I complained like the majority of you. I recognized I’d get used to it, and be fine but I complained. The iPhone fans came out of the woodwork to refute my claims. To claim iOS7’s perfection. Then I switched to Windows Phone. The “iPhone is better” no “Android


Giving Windows Phone a Chance

Oh I can never leave well enough alone can I? I mean really, the iPhone is fine. It does phone things. But I’m just not a huge fan of iOS7 (more on that later this week). I don’t want Android. I tried that. Recently. And I’m sorry, there’s still not an Android