App Review: Telegram

Telegram chat window featuring Freddie Mercury sticker.

The moment we decided telegram was our new messaging app.

Chatting with friends online has started to become a bit of a pain. There are so many platforms, many of which are device exclusive. If they work with Android, they won’t work with iOS. If they work on mobile, they won’t work on the desktop. I’ve always ended up feeding Facebook all my conversations on a silver platter for the convenience of it all. It’s frustrating.

When I saw a ZDNet article about the secure messaging app Telegram, I figured it’d be more of the same. An app that would work for mobile, but not on the desktop or web. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked basically everywhere. I could go from my desktop, to my Chromebook, to my Nexus and it’d work. I could message my friends on iOS. Since Claire and I have talked about how much we’d rather not use Facebook Messenger, I recruited her to try it with me. Before long we had other friends and our husbands on it to.

So far, Telegram has worked great for us. We can jump from device to device and not miss a step. I was able to uninstall Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my phone, my battery life is much improved because of that. There are tons of fun, free, stickers out there to add to conversations. It’s just a smooth experience.

If you’re looking for a new messaging service that works across platforms, give Telegram a try.

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