You Are Not Your Phone.

The things you own end up owning you.When iOS7 was released I complained like the majority of you. I recognized I’d get used to it, and be fine but I complained. The iPhone fans came out of the woodwork to refute my claims. To claim iOS7’s perfection. Then I switched to Windows Phone. The “iPhone is better” no “Android is better” arguments started. People acting like I had turned my back on them by the choice of a phone.

You are not your phone. And while I’m at it you’re not your gaming platform of choice, your preferred OS, or any other material product. It’s one thing to be passionate about a product. It’s a completely different thing to feel personally insulted when someone attacks the product.

We are losing sight of what phones are, which is a device to communicate with and help make our lives better. They’re not our personality. They are not a statement of who we are. They do not reflect us. They are a gadget. We (should) be buying the device that fits our personal use cases, is in our budget, and we find easiest to use personally. Everything else is marketing. Don’t fall for marketing.

And if it bothers you that much, well, Claire is going Android. And we both have iPads. So I think we have all the bases covered.


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