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The Decline of the Well Rounded Education

About a week ago, on her personal Facebook page Claire posted a Huffington Post opinion piece about why this particular gentleman prefers English majors to business majors. I kind of laughed a bit, because the post was so general you could put basically anything except business majors in place of English majors


Grad Student Procrastination. ^I’ve been staring at textbooks all morning, doing this. My brain is being eaten by studying for a Public Finance final worth 45% of my final grade. Happy World Penguin Day!


My Happiness Project: Twelve Commandments

When the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees outside, it’s much easier to work on happiness. Being outside in the sunshine (with appropriate sun protection) does wonders for the human condition. I believe that building my happiness when it’s easy will help me deal with the little things when times are


Forget the Coins

This post is late. I just wanted to get that out there. I have been lacking motivation this week and with 2 papers and a blog to write, lack of motivation is not what I need right now. I was started to feel like Mario, so focused on gathering every coin that


Reading is sexy

Grad school crept up on me this week (I hate it when that happens). Between group projects and reading 200 page EPA documents, I found myself longingly staring at the pile of books that have taken up residence on my coffee table. With an English professor as a father, I was destined