My Happiness Project: Twelve Commandments

When the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees outside, it’s much easier to work on happiness. Being outside in the sunshine (with appropriate sun protection) does wonders for the human condition. I believe that building my happiness when it’s easy will help me deal with the little things when times are rough. My happiness project has been slow going, mostly due to grad school hell, but I have finished my 12 commandments! (Yay minor progress!)

1. Trust my instincts

2. There is only love

3. Say yes to play

4. Breath deep

5. Smile

6. Let it go

7. Enjoy the process

8. Find beauty

9. Be a hero

10. Be the good

11. Smile

12. I am enough

In April: #1 Trust my instincts

#12 I am enough

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