Forget the Coins

This post is late. I just wanted to get that out there. I have been lacking motivation this week and with 2 papers and a blog to write, lack of motivation is not what I need right now. I was started to feel like Mario, so focused on gathering every coin that I lost site of my goals. There are the usual grad student excuses- I’m out of groceries, my house needs to be clean first, there were elephants on the highway today (true story!), but the truth is I just didn’t want to do anything. In this country, we are constantly talking about being over scheduled, overworked and yet at the same time we feel this innate need to achieve everything, be everywhere, and top the charts in everything we do. A positive work ethic is a good thing but at some point, a person gets burnt out. I know I find myself over looking a small success because my view was clouded by a perceived failure. My goal this weekend is to take a deep breath and enjoy the good stuff. Stop worrying about the things I’m missing and enjoy the moment. Maybe it’s ok if we don’t gather all the coins. Maybe making it to the next level is enough.

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