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Geekling Summer Fun

I know I promised the Geekling’s reviews of the kid’s Amazon Original Content, but it’s been a busy week/weekend, so we did not get around to it! But in the theme of geek kids, i will share some of the Geekling’s favourite summer outside activities (because it’s summer and kids should go


Pure Geekery Giveaway: TMNT Piñata

Lets be honest- at this point, dear readers, you can probably figure out that I was a pretty weird kid. I spent my childhood dressed as Dorothy refusing to answer to my own name, practicing my Lando cape swirling and of course playing with my dolls. As an avid Teenage Mutant Ninja


There is always hope.

It’s been a rough week for America. But you know what? We’re strong. we’re resilient. And we’re willing to stand up and say “No. Not here.” I spent my week looking for signs of hope, which were everywhere. My hope inspiration? Doctor Who. So dear readers, here’s some happy and some hope


Engineering as a Creative Outlet

Take a moment to picture a software engineer. What is the image that comes to mind? A pasty guy sitting in the glow of a monitor, endlessly hacking away at his keyboard? Someone who is the lone wolf type, probably lacking in social skills? Strictly logical, and a little Spock like? A


Geek Parenting: Level Expert

For the last four years, I have had one very specific goal: make my daughter the most fantastic, geekiest kid possible. From a Beatles themed nursery and daily “good music” lessons (no kids CDs allowed unless They Might Be Giants released them) to frequent Dr. Who marathons, I’m a mom on a


Legos and Being a Geek Girl

Hello all! I was really excited when Nicole asked me to join her blog. My first post topic came to me immediately: Legos. Due to my bachelors degree in Family and Child Studies, my 4 year old daughter, and being an awesome kid myself, I have spent a great deal of my