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I know I promised the Geekling’s reviews of the kid’s Amazon Original Content, but it’s been a busy week/weekend, so we did not get around to it! But in the theme of geek kids, i will share some of the Geekling’s favourite summer outside activities (because it’s summer and kids should go outside and play with stick or something!)

  • Bubbles! Bubbles are fun- big bubbles, little bubbles, automatic machines and those huge hula hoop bubbles they used to demo at the children’s museum. Don’t deny it, there’s just something about bubbles that captivates people no matter their age. (I use bubbles during my yoga meditation if I”m not really feeling it that day.) Those automatic machines are fun for a while, but eventually they leak and the batteries get ruined. My pick is a giant no-spill tub with a few gallons of bubble solution on back-up. Try some of these solutions if you don’t want to pay for store bought solution.
  • Sidewalk painting: Kids love chalk, however, if you’re like me and the texture makes you want to rip off your fingernails, there is a solution! Homemade sidewalk paint is a fantastic solution- you can make it in any colour and I have found that it actually dries a lot brighter than regular chalk. Plus you can use a brush (I prefer the skinny foam brushes) and you never have to touch the stuff!
  • Water! Hoses, pools, sprinklers, the ubiquitous slip-in slide of death (seriously, who ever though those were a good idea?!). We don’t have a backyard but the Geekling enjoys playing in her water table on warm days. Water is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day, just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and drain the table after each use (the standing water can breed mosquitos).
  • Firefly catching, hiking, and taking nature walks around the neighborhood are also all fun activities I have enjoyed with the Geekling and with the kids I used to teach.

Personally, there are summer days when I just don’t want to do anything, but it’s always more fun when we get outside and do something!!!! If you have any other favourite summer activities with your geekling, feel free to share them in the comments.

Photo Credit: Best and Worst Ever

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