Pure Geekery Giveaway: TMNT Piñata

tmnt-pinataLets be honest- at this point, dear readers, you can probably figure out that I was a pretty weird kid. I spent my childhood dressed as Dorothy refusing to answer to my own name, practicing my Lando cape swirling and of course playing with my dolls. As an avid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, I had all of the action figures and vehicles, which were used when my Ninja Turtles took my Barbies on dates. I snuck my pet turtle Donatello in to my college dorm, dressed up as the Turtles for Halloween, and take no shamed in my adult Turtles t-shirts. the only Turtles thing I’m ashamed of is the Megan Fox is apparently playing April in the next movie. Um, no. Not ok.)

In honor of all of the nerds and geeks out there who love the Turtles, we are teaming up with Discount Party Supplies to give away the awesome pinata picture above. Your geek kids would love it for their parties or (let’s be honest, you want to keep this for yourself) you can have your friends over for a pinata duel and beers!! You only have until noon on May 20th to enter, so hop to it! Cowabunga Dudes!


Discount Party Supplies contacted us and asked us to run this giveaway for them. You’ll enter the contest below, and then Discount Party Supplies will ship you your prize.


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