Tabletop Game Review: App’d

app'dDisclaimer: I was sent a copy of App’d for review.

At last year’s Gen Con, I was flipping through the program and saw a listing for a cyberpunk card game. Well, really I didn’t need to read more than that because I prefer card games and I love the cyberpunk genre. I hopped over to the table where Pinche Games had set up their new game App’d. The premise is simple, you’re trying to get fill your brain with apps, without overfilling it. Other players are trying to slow you down as they fill up their own brains. It was fun, but I’d already blown through my Gen Con budget. (It’s like Vegas. Set a limit, do not go over that limit.) Fast forward a bit and Pinche games sent me a copy of App’d for review. It was time to see if App’d was as much fun as I remembered.

First thing that I noticed about this game: one page instructions. This will get me sent to gamer hell I’m sure, but I don’t like super complicated games. (See: My post on Power Grid.) If I open a game and the instructions look like a magazine I get intimidated and overwhelmed (this is usually when I call in Claire’s husband, who DMs our game nights). I’m the type of gamer who likes to sit down, read through some rules, and start playing. (This is also why I prefer video games to tabletop). So a game like App’d is right up my alley.

To test my “one page this should be simple” theory, I played App’d with my husband (who is very much not a gamer). And we were both able to play and not have to refer back to the instructions throughout the game play. It also took only about 30 minutes to play one game from start to finish. I do think the game would be more fun with more people though. I think having more people would add a bit more strategy into the mix.

App’d is a good game to introduce your friends to tabletop gaming. It’d also be a good game to play at a party or meetup since it doesn’t take too long to play, and it’s easy to learn. You can pick up your own copy for $20 from Pinche Games, or stop by and see them at Hall D at Gen Con.


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