5 on Friday: Blogs to Check Out

Things are getting hectic in the world of Claire and Nicole. Claire can’t see over her schoolwork, she’s trying to plan her wedding, and oh yeah be a parent. I’m listing my house for sell, which is a project the likes of which I’ve never tackled. Which of course means I’m blogging it. So we may falter on our steady Monday-Saturday posts. We’re trying not to, we’re bringing in guest bloggers to help. Thought you might like to meet them.

  1. Uber Geek Blog – Indy area geek Tyler writes about geekiness in the Indy area, as well as covering topics near and dear to us like video games and comic books. He’s also started podcasting, so you can get your geekiness delivered through your ears as well.
  2. Indiana Geek – Another geek of the local variety, Indiana Geek is a fun general geekery blog. Plus, they Vlog which is an arena Claire and I haven’t broken into yet. Also make sure to check out their podcast, Bro-Stew.
  3. Horrible Night – Justin writes for us occasionally, and is the editor-in-chief over at Horrible Night. They cover anything gaming and gaming related. Everything from gaming reviews, to laws involving games, to gaming for charity.
  4. Third Level Comics – Name says it all, this is comic book blog. Covering traditional comics, web comics, and issues around comic culture (movies, TV shows, and the like), Third Level Comics is a great place to check out for you latest comic craving.
  5. Geeking in Indiana – Ok, Tony’s not going to be doing guest posts for us (he has a lot going on over at Geeking in Indiana as it is). But he has always supported us and spread the word about Pure Geekery so I’d be remiss if I didn’t return the favor! Tony focuses on events and places to geek out in Indianapolis, as well as checking out the occasional B-rated movie.
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