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The end of the semester always garners the most focus, yet it’s always my favourite time for distraction. Books, movies, apps, board games, computer games, mind games – anything that can take away the suffocating stress for 10 minutes is good in my book.

Here are some of my classic distractions

  • Any books from my favourites shelf– Harry Potter, Shakespeare, LOTR, historical biographies, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, The Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim.
  • Anything written by Amy Sherman Palladino- Characters that talk at my speed and movie reference level
  • The entire series of Sex and the City- followed by an etsy search for the perfect version of Carrie’s name necklace
  • Target- do I really need to justify this one?
  • Geekling playtime- LEGOs, dollhouse, books, dress up, tent building.

I need some new distractions to add to my list dear readers! What are your favourites?

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