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5 on Friday: Geeky Indie Polish

Etsy is being flooded with indie polish, handmade polish made by individuals. Most of the polish collections are designed around a certain theme, and are free of the most harmful chemicals. I haven’t tried any of these indie polish collections myself (I am not good about nail polish, it’s a little embarrassing).


Makeup Review: Fandom Cosmetics “Keepers of the Peace”

At Fandom Fest, we ran across Fandom Cosmetics booth full of nail polish. I was ecstatic because I had just started experimenting with indie polish, and here was a whole booth where I could see the true colors without worrying if my monitors were showing me the correct colors or not. Not


Makeup Review: Button Masher Lacquer – Be Excellent to Each Other

I am not much of a nail polish girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sparkle and pretty color. However, I am awful at keeping up with it, so I usually stick to basics and keep layering over the chips. But my friend and owner of PHLL Nail Polish, Esther Fox,