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Advance Review: Let’s Be Cops

NOTE: Spoiler-free review, containing only details from released trailers Let’s Be Cops is a movie that popped up out of nowhere.  The first I had heard of it was around a month ago, when a trailer for it played before something else I was seeing, and it really caught my attention.  A


Review: A Million Ways To Die In The West

NOTE: Spoiler-free For the most part, I am not a Seth Macfarlane fan.  His humor generally goes for the lowest common denominator, and he stretches jokes out so long on Family Guy, it’s clear he’s too lazy to write enough material for a 22 minute episode of television. With this opinion of


Veronica Mars: How did I miss this show for so long?

NOTE: This overall review of Veronica Mars the series and movie is spoiler-free, touching briefly on main story arcs, but going into no specific details.   On March 22nd, in an effort to take more advantage of my Amazon Prime account, I decided to pick a tv show I’d never watched and


The Lego Movie: Everything Truly Is AWESOME!

NOTE: Spoiler-free outside of what is seen in trailers I’ve been looking forward to The Lego Movie ever since I saw the first trailer for it.  From a 2 minute preview, I saw that the makers of this movie (also the directors of the first Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs movie,