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Review: Last Man On Earth (Spoilers)

I’ve been meaning to review Last Man On Earth for a while now.  It’s a good thing I did not though, as every episode that airs, my opinion changes of it.  It is a very flawed show that finds funny moments here and there. To start off with, the name of the


The Funniest Cartoon You’ve Never Heard Of

In July of 2013, I wrote a review of FOX ADHD (Animation Domination High-Def).  A year and half later, this block of cartoons is nothing short of a complete failure.  It’s switched networks from FOX to FXX, and is still practically never advertised (Hulu runs ads that it is still on FOX actually).


Thoughts on Gotham (spoilers)

After watching the series premiere of Gotham last week, I struggled with my thoughts about it.  I really wanted to like it, but just didn’t.  At Pure Geekery Headquarters (not so much a physical location as a group chat on facebook), we kicked around the idea of writing two differing thoughts pieces


Review: Red Band Society (Pilot)

Red Band Society is a show I wanted to hate.  I thought the idea was kind of dumb when I originally saw a preview for it.  As more previews aired on tv, I actually became interested in it.  Then, it surprised me, and turned out to be really good. There have been


American Horror Story: Coven – A Great Way to Kick Off Halloween Season

NOTE: Minor spoilers about episode 1 of season 3 are in this review, mostly basic plot points. The beauty of the show American Horror Story is that each season is a self-contained story, with no link to the previous seasons.  The majority of the same ensemble cast appears in every season, though they


Sleepy Hollow is Fun Ride Through the Supernatural

I can’t think of a more dismissible idea for a TV show than Sleepy Hollow. Traditionally it’s a pretty self-contained story so I was surprised to see it turned into a show at all (and its not like it needed another movie). In fact, I did dismiss the show at first. After


Second Chance Reviews: Beware The Batman and High School USA!

As a fan of genre television, I’m well aware of the fact that you should never judge a series by its first episode. Serialized plots need to be laid out, characters need to time to be fleshed out, and the show as a whole needs time to show you what it’s truly about.


FOXADHD: FOX’s Answer to Adult Swim (12 Years Too Late)

Almost 12 full years after Cartoon Network launched it’s mature humor block of cartoons, Adult Swim, Fox has finally decided it might be a good idea to compete against them with it’s new block of cartoons, FOXADHD. Launching the website (standing for Animation Domination HD) around late March, 2013, FOX has


Spoiler Free Review: The Way, Way Back

Monday evening I saw an advance screening of The Way, Way Back (coming out this Friday), and I really enjoyed it. The movie is about an awkward 14 year old named Duncan (Liam James) who is forced to go live for the summer with his mother Pam (Toni Collette) and her new