Review: Last Man On Earth (Spoilers)

Last Man On Earth

Last Man On Earth

I’ve been meaning to review Last Man On Earth for a while now.  It’s a good thing I did not though, as every episode that airs, my opinion changes of it.  It is a very flawed show that finds funny moments here and there.

To start off with, the name of the show is a complete lie.  While the first episode focused on Phil Miller (Will Forte), a man who has been wandering the country for a couple of years trying to find anyone else who is alive, he finds Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal) at the very end of episode one.  That’s fair.  An entire series with only one character would get real boring real quick.

However, a couple episodes later, Melissa Shart (January Jones) shows up.  O….K?  Two women and one man left on Earth lead to some funny moments.  A couple episodes later, Todd (Mel Rodriguez) finds the group as well.  A couple episodes after that, Gail (Mary Steenburgen) and Erica (Cleopartra Coleman) show up.  A couple episodes later, Phil Miller #2 (Boris Kodjoe) shows up.  So, after wandering the country for a couple of years without another person in sight, he finds six more people within a a few weeks?  I guess it’s necessary to have a show, but the title of Last Man On Earth now doesn’t make sense anymore.

That being said, the show has become progressively funnier as more people show up.  We start off with Phil fighting to keep his sanity as the only person left on Earth.  When Carol arrives, he continues to fight for his sanity, as she has some very annoying quirks.  When Melissa arrives, he tries to both get out of and find loopholes in his marriage.  He gets jealous when Todd and Melissa get close.  His full migration into an absolute awful human being comes when Gail and Erica arrive, and he tries to hide the rest of the camp from them.  Phil is pure scum, and karma always seems to bite him in the ass in a hilarious way.

My utter laziness to complete this review (I started it almost two weeks ago) has lead it to be a much more positive review.  Near the beginning, each episode kind of dragged along, with nothing real interesting happening until the last couple of minutes.  However, now the show seems to know what it wants to be, I’m enjoying it much more for entire episodes.  The title may be a lie, but I can live with that for a solid comedy.

One final though about Last Man On Earth: Where are all the bodies?  Everyone that died seems to have had the courtesy of doing so hidden in their own homes, which is really strange.  It’s not going for reality though, so I’ll do my best to look past it.

Last Man On Earth airs Sundays at 9pm on FOX.

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